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Close Protection  

Emerging markets and globalisation now means that companies face the potential of operating in environments which are unpredictable and politically unstable. Because of this trend there now exists, in several regions, the unfortunate reality of threats such as Terrorism, Kidnapping and Political violence.

Our  Executive Protection (Close Protection) services for clients on a global basis, covering any business or personal security issues they may face. Our aim is to mitigate any potential risks to clients allowing them to continue to conduct their core business under all but the most exceptional circumstances.

Our experience allows us to offer a complete 360 degree security package delivered at all times with the highest levels of Discretion, Accessibility and Professionalism. This allows 3rg Consultants to implement stringent security measures for any manner of threat and react accordingly to any given situation.

From company executives to individuals and families our protection services can be adapted to specific client needs. Below are examples of the protection services 3rg can offer.

Executive Travel Protection

Highly trained and experienced security professionals assigned to ensure the safety of executives.

Residential / Family Protection

A security system with alarms, cameras, and motion sensors can deter potential intruders and provide peace of mind for the family.

VIP / Celebrity Protection

Assign trained and experienced personnel to provide close protection to the VIP/Celebrity, ensuring their physical safety and preventing unauthorized access.

Key Personnel Protection

Key Personnel Protection is a security measure aimed at safeguarding individuals who hold critical positions within an organization.

Full Close Protection Teams

Provide 24/7 security and protection.

Highly trained and experienced professionals.

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