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Human Resource     

Many organisations will benefit from the expertise of an outsourced HR consultant, whether that is on a one-off basis or a permanent switch to outsourced HR.

Whether you are looking to outsource some or all of your HR functions, our specialist consultants will work with you to develop a cost-effective outsourced HR solution which meets the needs of your business and your employees.

Policies, Handbooks, Contracts, Checklists:Employees are legally entitled to a written statement of terms, more often referred to as a contract of employment, from day one of starting work.

A contract of employment forms the basis of the employment agreement, between employer and employee.

The employee handbook (also known as a staff handbook) is equally as important as it contains the policies and employment procedures which you expect your employees to follow during their employment with your organization.

Both documents lay out the expectations of the employment relationship.

Our Employment Contract, Handbook, Policies and Risk assessments are available for you to purchase and are legally compliant with UK 

All documents can be tailored to suit your business need, sector and brand.



Provide on-site consultancy

Our on-site consultancy service provides expert guidance and support for door supervision operations.

Assist with disciplinary and grievance issues

Assisting employees in disciplinary and grievance issues provides an opportunity for individuals to learn from their mistakes and grow professionally.

Equality and diversity

Equality and diversity seek to ensure that everyone has equal access to resources, opportunities, and services.

24/7 advice line

The advice line operates 24/7, ensuring that help and guidance are accessible at any time of the day or night.

Assist with redundancy management

Review the organization's structure, processes, and systems to identify areas where redundancy exists. This could include duplicated roles, tasks, or systems.

Health and safety services

Providing training and education on health and safety practices to door supervisors.

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