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Medical Event Cover

  • We specialize in providing patient-focused services through customized medical teams to cover
    your event.
    With our vast experience we are already trusted by to deliver medical services to a wide range
    of sectors including TV production, film premiers, nightclubs, sporting events, live nusic events,
    weddings, and Festivals.
    Our fully managed service allows you to concentrate on developing the event while our safety
    officer works with you to delver every aspect of your medical provision from Risk Assessing to
    Event Medical Plans and attending Safety Advisory Group meetings with the local authority.
  • First Aid and Event Cover
    We are proud to provide gold-standard patient and pre-hospital care for many years and boast a large portfolio providing first aid cover many different types of event, small and large from nightclubs inBirmingham, fates, sporting and community events.

    We are able to liaise with local emergency services, attend tabletop exercises and sit on SAG safety advisory panels with the council to ensure your event needs are exceeded.
    We regularly supply both blue light and none – blue light emergency drivers for a wide range of
    events including assisting our industry partners.

Emergency Care Assistant

Provides immediate medical assistance and care to patients in emergency situations.

AED / Defibrillator

AED  is a portable device used to deliver an electric shock to the heart in cases of sudden cardiac arrest.

First Aid for Licensees
Citizen Aid First Aid

Be mindful of any potential hazards in the area and take appropriate precautions.

BLS(Basic Life Support)

Assess the situation and ensure your safety before approaching the victim.Check for responsiveness by tapping the victim and shouting, "Are you okay?"

First Aid for Doorman

Provide reassurance and support to individuals who may be injured or unwell while waiting for medical help to arrive.

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