What are the duties of a concierge?

The job responsibilities of a concierge are to meet and greet guests or visitors to a hotel and deliver outstanding customer service. A concierge will also know all the essential operational aspects of a hotel or resort, as well as have extensive knowledge about the local area such as restaurants, shops, attractions and transportation.

6 reasons why people use a concierge service

A concierge service can help you maximise your free time. While some people prefer to do things off their own back when staying at a hotel for a weekend away, holiday, or business trip. Others prefer to make use of the concierge service; they can carry out certain tasks for you such as booking transportation or assisting you with your stay.

A concierge is more than just a security guard in a very smart uniform. A good concierge has excellent knowledge of local services, amenities and facilities as well as a network of nationwide contacts in a wide range of relevant sectors and industries. This job role needs a particular panache for understanding their customers’ needs and then a specialist skillset that allows them to service these requirements with the minimum of fuss and maximum efficiency.

What are the benefits of a concierge service?

There are a number of reasons why everyone should have a concierge service on speed dial.

1. Proactive and personal service

The best concierge services will give you your own personal concierge so you only deal with one person at all times, for all your requests. They will personalise their service to each individual guest by learning about your needs and tastes. This will hopefully become a proactive service where the concierge will then be able to pre-empt what you would like to do.

2. Local Guidebook & personal recommendations

When visiting a new holiday destination, you want to experience new places, eat from fantastic restaurants and make great memories. Instead of trawling the search engines and making endless lists, you can ask a concierge for their personal recommendations. They have insider knowledge backed up with a huge list of contacts. We recommend using your concierge service as a local guidebook as they know the place, and surrounding areas best, meaning they are able to help you with any request, activity or even helping source the perfect ‘end-of-trip’ gift or souvenir. 

A good concierge service will always be looking for the best of everything to recommend to their customers – take advantage of this and you can find out where the best new restaurant is in London, Birmingham, or further afield!

3. Time saver

One of the most popular reasons for people using a concierge service is because it frees up your time. It enables you to experience doing something you love instead of spending time researching and booking activities and services. With more time, you can maximise your enjoyment and spend every second making new memories and having a great time.

4. Convenience

Alongside saving time, utilising the concierge service at your hotel or at a venue is incredibly convenient. They offer solutions to problems you don’t know the answer to. They are always available at the end of the phone, or via email and able to assist in any way they can. Plus, it’s always handy to have someone you can rely on for useful information, at any time.

5. Complimentary services & privileges

Wherever possible, a good concierge service will always be trying to negotiate special privileges, benefits and complimentary services for its customers. This can include upgrades to luxury or boutique hotels, priority reservations, exclusive discounts and free entry to clubs or other complimentary events and services. This is great for customers as it can add value, make you a VIP and save you a bit of money too!

6. Exclusive access to events

Often a concierge service can obtain tickets to exclusive (and sometimes sold out) events such as music concerts, theatre, sports games, premieres, or events in the world of film, TV and fashion. In conjunction with this, they are able to keep customers informed about any new hotels, restaurants, under-the-radar exclusive offers or any new openings.

Concierge services may not be for everyone, particularly if you like to research and choose and do things yourself. However, if you’d like a little external help then make use of this professional service as they can help with anything related to travel, lifestyle or leisure.

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