Mobile security patrols, what are they?

A mobile security patrol is a security service that involves a security guard visiting a premises an agreed number of times. Their role is to act as both a visual deterrent and also carry out checks on buildings, ensuring the place is fully secure with no entry points, such as windows and doors, left unlocked or open.

Typically, when you hire the services of a mobile security patrol team, they will arrive at your premises in a security marked vehicle and carry out a patrol of the key areas of your site. They ensure everything is secure and in working order. If there are no issues, then the patrol is successful and the team will leave the premises. 

Depending on the client requirements, a mobile security team may visit a premise multiple times over the course of a day or throughout the week.

Why do businesses hire a mobile security patrol team?

Why would a business make the decision to hire an external mobile security patrol team? There are many advantages to hiring a mobile security team; the number one reason is to ensure that your business premises are kept secure. This is particularly beneficial if you would like the security team to patrol a vacant site. In this instance, a mobile patrol team acts as a visible deterrent on your site to prevent potential vandals or thieves from committing a crime. 

For many business owners, it works out more cost-effective to hire a mobile patrol team than deal with the repair costs that come after a break-in, theft or vandalism.

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