I hope you never have to experience a burglary at your house, commercial property or even someone breaking into your car. It is a horrible feeling. Sadly though, if you know the feeling and have experienced a home burglary, then you may be asking yourself: what do I do now?

Whether you don’t know where to turn, or you’re in complete panic mode, we hope that these tips below will provide you with some insight into what to do if you’re in the unfortunate situation where your house has been burgled or broken into.

1. Call the police

The very first thing you should do is call the police after a home burglary. This is crucial for a number of reasons. Particularly, if you’re unsure about whether or not you think the burglar may still be in your house. If it’s an emergency and you suspect the burglar is still in your home, call 999 immediately, the police are the best people to help you in this scenario. However, if you are sure the burglars have left your house, then it is best to call your local police station instead.

The longer you take to call the police, the less likely the police are able to catch the thieves that broke into your home and return your belongings. When the police arrive at your house, they will interview you and any witnesses. Alongside this, they will also issue you with a crime reference number, and a forensic team will also visit your property to collect any forensic evidence such as fingerprints. Before this has taken place, it is important to not mess with a crime scene, even if it is in your home.

2. Take a look around your property and evaluate what belongings have been taken

After you have contacted the police and you are sure that there are no uninvited guests left in the house, the next step is to take a look around your house. It is important to assess what the damage of your property is, as well as take note of any items that have been taken. Break-ins to your property are frustrating and upsetting, but capturing what happened and what was taken will help build a picture of what occurred and what you’ve lost. You can use all this information to tell your insurance company and the police what was taken when you file reports with both.

Also, take photographs or video footage of the damages to your property. You will need to show this to your insurance company to prove certain items were taken.

3. Call your house insurance company

The next stage of experiencing a house burglary and what to do next is contacting your home insurance company, this is to let them know what happened as well as what was taken.

4. Call your bank

If any bank cards or cheques were stolen, make sure you notify your bank and let them know. Also if you have computers or any digital devices that holds financial information on it, then you also need to let your bank know.

5. Notify other companies

While it can be difficult to spot everything that’s been taken straight away, there may be other companies that you need to notify if certain items have been taken.

  • Contact DVLA if your driving license has been taken
  • If your passport was taken you will need to notify the police and the office which issued your passport so that they can cancel it. When this is complete, you can then apply for a new one
  • If your mobile phone has been stolen, then you need to contact your mobile network provider
  • You can also let neighbours know, so they can remain vigilant with their properties in the local area

6. Clean up and repair any damage

After all the administrative things are completed, you can then focus on clearing up the mess that the burglar caused, such as a broken window or door and take steps to secure your property. It is important to repair any damage to your property to prevent any further theft or criminal activity from occurring at your residential property.

7. Most importantly, look after yourself

Stuff or things taken in your property can be easily replaced. You cannot be replaced. That’s why looking after yourself during this time is absolutely necessary. Yes, there are lots of things to do, people to ring and things to sort. But, making yourself a priority and taking care of your mental health during this period of stress and inconvenience is so important and mustn’t be overlooked. 

8. Apply new preventative measures

To feel secure in your home again and reduce the risk of another burglary, it is important to secure the property. This can be done by making sure that all windows and doors are locked and secure. You could also install a CCTV security system. We have provided an essential list of security measures that you can take in your home.

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